"Southern Lights Overexposed is a story of a young man, ERIC YOUNG, whose world is shattered when he is unable to prevent the murder of his older brother."

Will Thomas - Director/Writer/Producer/DOP 
Adam Thomason - Executive Producer
Norma Jean Thomas - Screenwriter
Tyaira Hayden - Production Manager/Script Supervisor
Deance Wyatt - Casting Director 
Sharif Chauncey - Second Assistant Director/Casting Recruiter/Assistant Editor
Loren Lott - Special Effects Make-Up
Ashley Rayne Moore - Personal Assistant
Mike Lewis - Camera Operator/Dji Ronin Operator
Jonathon Slayton - First Assistant Director/Camera Operator/Dji Ronin Operator/Assistant Editor
Rachel Thomas - Associate Producer
Alwon Mayweather- Unit Set Photographer
William Bohannon - Associate Producer
Larry Wilson - Boom Operator

Alex Faith - As himself
Dre Murray - As himself
Deance Wyatt - Eric Young
Luke Jeraci - Officer Jack Blaine
Terayle Hill - Billy Smith
Volnerius Rackley - John Young
Geffri Maya Hightower - Sarah Young
Taylor Polidore - Tina Young
Tragic Hero - As himself
Swoope - As himself
Ada-L - As himself
Corey Paul - As himself
Young Noah - As himself
Jamal A. McDonald - Jack's Partner
Ronnie "Double" Rolon - Boss D-Boy
James "Plain James" Dollard - D-Boy Doorman
Undrae McCurty - Backpack Deliver Man
Jacari Wright - Look Out
Cameron Johnson - Red Car Buyer/Dope Buyer 1
Scott Free - Dope Buyer 2
Larry Wilson - Soda Dropper
Aerial Footage provided by Remedy Films
Music Courtesy of Collision Records
"Special Thanks"
Ryan "Righteous" Moore
Sean Grant
Tyler Chauncey
Marcus Smith

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