Super Bowl Spot: North of the 10
Godchaserz: DOCUMENTARY Trailer
Watch the hand of God change a generation. Discover how the artists of Godchaserz Entertainment are using the unlikely paring of faith and Hip-Hop to disrupt the culture.
Hundreds of thousands of Individuals are trafficked every year in the United States. 40% of trafficked children are sold by a family member. 99% are never identified. Of the 1% who are identified, few receive care.
"From Prison to the Pulpit" trailer
Jason Robbins was on a path of destruction until he had an unlikely encounter with Jesus.
City Takers: Our Block
The people of Atlanta view the ghettos as a lost cause but Scott Free and the City Takers are working hard to save it, one person at a time.
Courage to Care: Photos
It only takes a moment to change a child's life.
One day can change everything.
College and Career R-E-D
Solutions that get students READY for the Future.
We Are City Takers
On the streets of Atlanta, Ga, DIRECTOR WILL THOMAS follows a radical group of URBAN MISSIONARIES that is transforming the broken people of Atlanta thru hip hop, love, and Jesus. CITY TAKERS is not an organization, its a movement.
Beyond Borders
A group of rappers travel to South Africa to be the light in a place of darkness. The human struggle is universal, so is the solution.
Welcome to Camden
Tony Tillman growing up terrorized his community in Camden, Arkansas.  We follow Tony as he goes back to his hometown to seek forgiveness. 
"Southern Lights Overexposed is a story of a young man, ERIC YOUNG, whose world is shattered when he is unable to prevent the murder of his older brother."
Kerus Global
Two Doctors, DR. JENNIE CERULLO, PH.D. and DR. MARCIA BALL, ED.D leave everything in America to start an orphanage in the poverty stricken area of Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.
A successful gospel artist and newly married, CANON was living his best life. That all changed one night when he fell off a bridge, almost losing it all.
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